Sunday, December 28

Family Time On Boxing Day...

Well our family boxing day together made up for our quiet Christmas day yesterday... Phan came home from work just before lunch, Beth crashed and had a nap and whilst she had her sleep, Phan brought out the rest of her Christmas presents from us and put them under the tree and I finished up cooking our lunch... When she woke up, the first thing she was her shiny new red trike, complete with pink sparkly tassels on the handlebars... and I think it's fair to say she adored it from the moment she saw it! The trike has been a huge hit with her (a bigger hit than we expected)... probably her favourite toy this year... She insisted on Daddy pushing her around the dining room table several times and then when it came time to open the remaining presents, she insisted on sitting on the trike whilst opening her presents. I had cooked up a big Christmas lunch (turkey with all the trimmings)... so we managed to convince Beth to get off her bike and join us at the table. We cracked open some Christmas bonbons ... Beth was scared at first, but once she saw Phan and I break open ours, she wanted to open hers and she managed to hold the bonbon tight enough to get it to crack open! She was very pleased with herself... although not so pleased with the hat that came inside the bonbon that we tried to get her to wear... :p We discovered Beth loooves turkey... and I mean, really love turkey! She kept pointing at the meat on the plate and saying "turkey" for the whole meal... I had to bargain with Beth to get her to eat her vegies before getting a piece of turkey!

After lunch, Beth played with her new toys some more (a plastic farm/barn set with animals and people and her new turbo rocket battery operated Thomas train) before harassing Phan into going outside and pushing her around the backyard on her trike. And when she tired of that she conned Phan into playing chasey with her!

The afternoon flew by... I don't even know what we did, but I recall falling asleep on the lounge and having a nice nap (tired from all that cooking, plus turkey always makes me sleepy!)... and then having Beth beg me to come outside and push her around on the trike again and then play a lot of chasey for half an hour! (Bao, Ty & Phi - I can't wait for you guys to come visit so you can to take over chasey duty!)

Leftovers for dinner... Beth was more than happy to have turkey again!

So lovely to spend time with my precious little family... Seeing how much joy Beth got from her presents was just the best present in the world...

And now to show you in images a little bit of what our quiet little Christmas/Boxing Day this year was like -

Next up - here's a bit of video footage of what Beth was doing during boxing day lunch. (You may need to turn up your sound a bit for the first bit, so you can hear what she's doing).

And now here's what we were doing during dinner - (We had to open up more Christmas crackers, 'cos Beth thought they were now a part of our dinner routine now... and Beth now thinks a hat is called a "party"... LOL... very funny)

And to finish off - these last two video snippets show that with the myriad of toys she received over Christmas, what she really wanted for Christmas was a foot pump (that she found and pulled out of the wardrobe in the spare bedroom). You know, the kind you use to blow up balls or inflatable pools... go figure! This footage is taken on the evening of Boxing Day, just before she was supposed to go to bed.

Hope all my family, friends and readers of my blog are getting the chance to enjoy some rest and relaxation... xo


Anonymous said...

Great update clara I think they should all be this long!

Can't wait til we are in brissie...
she is so random, btw phi and ty have put their hands up to play chasey with her i would but they are insisting on it ;)



Emmi said...

I'm so glad to hear you had such a great Boxing Day Christmas. Looks like Beth had a great time - and boy does she love her bike! :-) And the food looked so yummmy...mmm potatoes! ;-D