Thursday, December 4

Grocery Shopping With A Toddler...

I've been having a couple of rough days... I'm tired... She's having restless sleep.... and has been getting up at 6am... Today in an effort to wear her out, I took her swimming in the afternoon (which by the way, I have now learnt, it is much better to not mention that we're going to pool and get our swim bag ready without her knowing than telling her we're going swimming and then listen to her go "swim swim... swim swim"... and then have her in tears because I'm not getting ready fast enough! Talk about impatient!) We had fun at the pool and the downside of wearing her out there was that I am now also worn out! Anyway... I digress... after swimming we popped out to the shops to get something for dinner and pick up a couple of other things... I now get to listen to my very chatty 2 year old girl point and tell me in a *VERY* loud voice the foods she recognises ... Here's a sample of what I get to listen to -

"Waty-da-da" (Watermelon) (note this is also accompanied with frantic pointing motions... she loooves watermelon... I ended up buying some more for her),
"Bikit" (Biscuit),
"Sssss" (for Natural Confectionary Lolly Snakes)
"Choc choc" (chocolate, yes, we were in the lolly and chocolate aisle)
"Sosos" (Sausages - she's suddenly developed a liking for sausages again after going off them for 6 months)
"Cheeeeese" (rather self explanatory)
"Juice" (she's a juice fiend too)

My goodness, it's pouring down with rain again... yesterday there was another unreal electrical storm, I took some video footage on my phone, so will post that later, if it's turned out ok...

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