Wednesday, December 24

It's Christmas Eve...

Can you believe it?! I can't!

Today I have a couple of apptments and things to attend to which should be finished by early afternoon and then I will be attempting to recreate a mini scaled down version of a Christmas Eve feast like the ones Phan's parents' throw back home in Adelaide... I spent last night prepping some food whilst Phan put together Beth's Christmas present (one of those trikes with a handle on the back for Mummy or Daddy to steer, because let's face it, 2 year olds have no concept of steering!)... it only took Phan an hour to put together and there was only a small amount of venting/frustration... so that was pretty good! All Beth's presents are wrapped (and boy are there a lot!) and I have a whole bunch of goodies ready to put into a Santa sack (well, a pillowcase... that's what I used to use as a child) for Beth tonight. We're planning to let Beth open a few presents tonight and then go to Christmas Eve mass together (hopefully Beth will be able to stay up for it).

Christmas Day is going to be a quiet affair for us... Phan will be working the day away from 8am - 10pm... so Beth and I will head over to Sharon's place to share a Christmas morning brunch together which will be lovely... (Sharon is such a sweetie, she has been so worried about me and Beth spending Christmas alone)... Then hoping to catchup with some family members back home in Adelaide over Skype in the afternoon evening...

Phan's working again Boxing Day morning, but we're planning to make our main celebration together happen once he comes home from work... I'll be cooking up another storm (the western feast... turkey with all the trimmings and some kind of dessert) in the morning and we'll sit down for a big late lunch together... we'll open more presents before lunch too... Beth is going to think Christmas is some kind of 3 day event after all of this!

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Ty Phoon said...

Christmas just won't be the same without you guys here, but it is good to know that you won't be alone and are being looked after :) Good work on the Trike Phan; have you checked it doesn't go backwards instead of forwards, and steers in the right direction?!? hehe joking ;)

Have a great Xmas and looking forward to seeing you all real soon!

Much love,

Anh & Ty, Keith & George xxx