Wednesday, December 31

Our New Years Eve Tea Party

Having a toddler in tow around makes it hard for us to "party hard" and celebrate New Years Eve these days ... Although even in the prime of our youth, Phan and spent many a quiet New Years Eve together... I remember one year we played Scrabble... and another year we watched Bruce Almighty on DVD, heard fireworks going off and turned to each other and said "Happy New Year" and then continued watching the movie... So really, it's no great loss for us to not be celebrating New Years in a conventional "partying" manner...

We have spent this evening putting together the cutest dressing table ever that Bao got Beth for Christmas (yes, shameful that it's taken us a week to put it together, but we had trouble finding time and mustering motivation)... Anyway... we decided to make it a family affair and did it while Beth was awake... she decided to "help" us by scattering bolts and nuts... pretending to screw in screws... lying down in the most inconvenient places... All quite amusing... The dressing table and chair wouldn't have taken that long to put together if we hadn't been thwarted at the last hurdle by a misaligned hole that prevented a screw from attaching and holding the mirror in place... we spent half our time trying to rectify that defect... and after much quiet cursing and some serious man-power and power drill assistance we finally assembled it. Beth was quite taken by the table once it was all set up... She doesn't use it in a conventional manner and instead it's become a "Tea Party Dressing Table"... she sits there with her cute little tea set and has a party whilst talking to herself in the mirror!

Here are some cute video snippets of our New Years Eve Tea Party -

Beth stayed up pretty late (for her) tonight - 9:30pm... too excited and fascinated by the dressing table to go to sleep...

On a separate note, again I have a funny story to tell about Phan. We had the American Music Awards playing on TV in the background... now Phan and I both are pretty much out of it when it comes to being up to date with who and what are the latest hippest music bands/artists out there... We spent the majority of the time were watching and hearing various artists names called out and looking at each other and going "Who are they?"... Anyway... they announce that Kanye West has won R&B/Hip Hop album of the year (or something) and Phan turns to me and asks "Is 'Kanye' the same person as 'Kanye West'"... LMAO... I had to laugh out loud at that question... "Yes, Phan... it's the one and same person"... I thought I was out of the music loop, but Phan is way back in prehistoric land... How many Kanye's does he think are out there?

Anyway - Happy New Year to all my blog readers out there... hope you're enjoying your celebrations and that you're not paying for it to much tomorrow!

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