Friday, August 5

Friday's Are For Inspiration

1. One of my Facebook photographer friends (Hi Kris!) set up something similar to this recently... I think it's an awesome way to get those photos off the computer and printed and shown off around the house... I am so doing this when we move back to Adelaide...

2. Barb Uil of JinkyArt Photography is a Canberra photographer famous internationally for her beautiful, inspiring and often whimsical portrait images... I love the opening little video clip on her website - ... I've watched it so many times and it makes me smile every time.

3. I adore this photo... a perfect simple childhood moment... illuminated with the most perfect light.

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Regni said...

Gorgeous image of the little girl on the swing, amazing light! The wall of photos is something I have ambitions of doing in my house too. First I have the hard job of going through and selecting the ones to go up on the wall, a hard job when there are so many to choose from! :-)