Sunday, July 31

Photo A Day - July - Week 4

Let's wrap it up for July...

July 22 - Good Morning Sweetness
First thing in the morning... crazy bed hair... glistening eyes from tears and her beloved dummy...

July 22 - Good Morning Sweetness

July 23 - Peeking At The World
Elizabeth actually asked me to take this photo of her looking through the hole in this playground climbing structure... Love how her perspective can make something ordinary look really cool.

(Taken with the 50mm f1.4.... processed without actions, using my own set of processing)

July 23 - Peeking At The World

July 24 - Winter Afternoon Glow
Another beautiful winter's day here in Brisbane... I will miss this when we leave Brisbane...

July 25 - Winter Afternoon Glow

July 25 - Checking Out A Forest
Had one of those busy days running a bunch of errands and found myself with a sleeping Catherine in the car so I drove around aimlessly looking for locations so she could have a decent nap ... and then she awoke... so we went for a little wander... This taken with the 16-35mm 2.8.

July 25 - Checking Out A Forest

July 26 - Small Window Of Opportunity
There is only a small window of opportunity when one can look good in knitted yellow bootie socks... Thanks you Ba... they are so cute!

July 26 - Window of Opportunity

July 27 - Hidden Gem
I came across one amazing hidden gem of a location today... seriously stunning... and the bonus part... it's REALLY close to where we live. Apparently it's a bit of a kept secret around these parts, but I can't believe we basically live on the doorstep to this!

We only did a short visit today, because I'd forgotten my iphone and I hadn't told anyone where we was going and the path there was pretty rough and not very stroller friendly. I kept conjuring images of me or one of the girls falling into the river and then Phan having no idea where we were. But we made it home okay... :D... Can't wait to head out there again!!! Two photos to share from today, because it was so gorgeous... First photo taken with the 50mm 1.4, second photo taken with the 16-35mm 2.8

July 27 - Hidden Gem Part 1

July 27 - Hidden Gem

July 28 - Reptile TV Show
We made a cubby in the backyard today... and Elizabeth decided to pretend she was doing a TV show about reptiles...

July 28 - Reptile TV show

If you want an insight into what an afternoon is like with my girls at the moment, here's a little video clip of what was going on... *WARNING - it's a little bit long and goes for 4 minutes, but there's lots of random cameo appearances from Catherine, which kind of makes it worth watching...*

July 29 - Afternoon Tea Parties
This little teaset is on loan from Elizabeth's best friend Claire... her Mum thought it'd make a good prop on a photoshoot... which it did... :)

July 28 - Afternoon Tea Parties

July 30 - Cool Babe
Phan discovered this afternoon that Catherine quite liked the novelty of wearing her sister's sunglasses...

July 30 - Cool Babe

July 31 - I'm A Little Teapot
We acquired this little teapot strainer a couple weeks ago... I think it's uber cute.

July 31 - I'm A Little Teapot

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