Thursday, July 21

Missy 14 Months...

She dislikes shoes and socks and will take them off at every opportunity.

She is fluent in gibberish - the sounds she makes when trying to talk to us are sooo adorable.

I've mentioned before that she makes a lot of noise... if it's possible, she's actually gotten noiser in the last month.

She is a heavy breather and sounds like Darth Vader when she sleeps.

She likes throwing things... in the mornings she will often wake me up by chucking dummies at me... when she's in her high chair she throws her food when she's lost interest in it.

She still hates most fruit... and I have discovered recently that she really likes the rafferty's garden baby food packets... I had previously tried them out on her and she disliked them, but now she will easily devour and entire packet and still sponge food from the rest of us.

She wishes she could jump and does a rather enthusiastic bopping on the spot movement.

She has been crying/yelling at Phi everytime he goes outside for a smoke... Doesn't do it when anybody else goes outside... just him... She must be trying to tell him something...

Elizabeth calls her little sister a "tobbler"... and she almost is... she toddles everywhere and can turn around in a circle on the spot... Sometimes it looks like she's trying to run which I'm soooo not ready for...

She is getting taller... she used to be able to stand up under the dining table, but now she bangs her head if she tries.

The overnight feed is on the way out... it had consistently been happening at 4am for a while now, but it's started getting later and later and she is starting to last until 5:30am-6am now. I'm thinking about weaning her soon... which will be a bit sad... I'm kind of ready to have my body back, but at the same time, it's sad to think I probably won't breastfeed another baby again... :(

The sleeping thing still isn't great with her... She still wakes multiple times a night... but we have discovered she tends to settle faster if you let her hold your hand as she drifts back to sleep... Which is good, except for the dead arm I end up with when I've fallen asleep on the floor with my arm through the cot bars ... cute, but tiring!

She does loves being on mattresses... when she's on the bed, she is sooo happy and does this cute happy shrieking thing when she enveloped in blankets and pillow.

Our beautiful baby Catherine... now turning into a little toddler... You give us more and more reason to love you everyday... xo

Missy 14 Months

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