Friday, July 1

Friday's Inspirational Finds

So I already do the "Scrapbooking Sunday" segment on my blog and I thought I might add a new segment to share some of the inspirational things I find on my travels on the web. There are some really amazing things, inspiring music and talented people out there...

1. As much as I'm obsessed with and adore beautiful light inspired imagery... When it comes down to it, photography for me is about capturing the moments... the pure emotion... and sharing a story with those images. I'm going to share this blog post from Jaime Hough Photography... it shows some images of a military family's journey over 6 months while the husband is deployed... I really won't do it any justice if I try and describe it, so just click on this link and see for yourself - Welcome Home Keith!

2. I came across this awesome blog concept in Dear Photograph the other day... the premise is that you take a photo of an older photo in the exact same location and they are accompanied with nostalgic comments... Really cool idea...

Here are a couple of my favourites -
Dinosaur Shorts

First Bike

Dad Never Took A Picture Of Me

3. One of my all time favourite movies is Sister Act 2. I know this probably puts me in the corny and sad basket but I'm not afraid to admit it that I love it... it's the musician in me that draws me to this movie everytime. One of my favourite songs from the movie is "His Eye Is On The Sparrow" sung by Lauryn Hill and Tanya Blount... I was recently reminded how much I love this song when a friend posted up a link to Hymn A Day facebook page, so I went searching for the Sister Act 2 version of the song... I really adore this arrangement ... -

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