Saturday, July 2

My Top 5 Photos From April-June

So I stumbled across a little contest over at Click It Up A Notch today to post your top 5 photos of your kids/pets from the last quarter. The winner is chosen randomly, so it's really just a show off your favourite photos from the last 3 months and I thought why not join in... :)

This has been really hard for me to choose, because I think I have improved and grown in my photography ability in the last 3 months more than I have in the last 3 years... I have so many favourites... but after much deliberation I decided to pick photos that while they may not be the most creative or spectacular, they are the ones that mean the most to my heart... Here's my final 5.

1. Hands On Your Head
I adore this shot of Catherine demonstrating her newly found "hands-on-your-head" party trick... It just truly captures how much she enjoys showing off her new abilities and makes me smile everytime I see that cute face -

Hands On Your Head

2. Perfection

Really, I don't need to say anymore... she is just divine in this photo...


3. Ring A Ring A Rosie

I wrote about this photo the first time I posted it up... I just adore the interaction between my girls in this photo...


4. Muddy Puddles

I look at this photo fondly and remember a hilarious afternoon with Elizabeth stomping and sploshing in muddy puddles... the boots were all her idea and actually looked great with her outfit... and this pose was her idea too... she was looking at her legs getting splattered with mud!

Spotty Boots & Muddle Puddles

5. I Am Zen

This photo is in my top 10 all time favourites, so I couldn't not include it... perfect light, gorgeous location and my beautiful big girl.


Tracy said...

Such sweet photos!! I love your processing ;) Beautiful use of light!!

Anonymous said...

These are lovely. I love the muddy puddle with rainboots!

Amber said...

Wow!!! Am I ever glad you came across our link up on Courtney's blog.

Your style is simply lovely and your children are gorgeous.

I really enjoyed each and every one of these photos, but I am with you that 2nd one is divine.

Thanks for linking up with us!!

Anonymous said...

WOW! They are all gorgeous. I love that first one and the one of them together and that last one. Great photos. Thanks so much for linking up with us.

Kelly said...

I love every photo! They are all so great. I love the processing of #4 and the sun on #2. All 5 are great. Can't wait to see more :)

Cedar said...

Wow! Every single one is stunning! Love the processing, too! Gorgeous girls!

Courtney said...

Holy moly! These are FANTASTIC! You have such a way with lighting! Seriously, just lovely! That last one just takes my breath away!! The leading lines, the light, the bokeh, the quietness of the photo!! WOW!! I REALLY hope that you have ALL of these printed and framed. You need to blow some of these up HUGE!!! Show them off around your house because these are the type of photos that are meant to be shared and not just live on your computer! I'm so VERY happy you linked up with us!! I can't wait to see your photos next time!!! So lovely!!! Thanks for linking up with us and sharing these!! I am going to share your entry on my facebook page for others to see and enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

This is my 1st time to your website. The children are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! Great photography work too!