Sunday, June 13

Quotable Quotes

Sometime last week Elizabeth was playing on her slide and she asked me to play on it too... here was our conversation...

Elizabeth - "Mummy, can you go down the slide?"
Me - "Oh, I'm sorry, I can't, I'm too big for the slide... you don't want me to break it."
Elizabeth - "How about Catherine go down the slide?"
Me - "Oh, I'm sorry, but Catherine is too small to go down the slide... I'm too big and Catherine is too small... but you know what... one day Catherine is going to grow up to be bigger and then she'll be able to play on the slide with you... and that will be fun won't it?"
Elizabeth - "Oh, yes."

Then a few days later, the following conversation takes place..

Elizabeth - "Mummy... Catherine is looking bigger today."
Me - "Yes, she is getting bigger isn't she?"
Elizabeth - "Can she play on the slide with me?"

LOL... cuteness!


Elizabeth and I are playing a pretend cafe game...

Elizabeth - "I am sitting at the cafe and I need some food."
Me - "What kind of food would you like today?"
Elizabeth - "I need to taste food like the *jugglers*"
Me - "Jugglers? What are jugglers?"
Elizabeth - "The Jugglers"
Phan - "Oh... the judges!"
Me - "The judges? Oh like on Masterchef?"
Elizabeth - "Yes."

Hmmm... someone has been paying attention to Mummy's favourite show at the moment!

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