Friday, June 11

The Poo-ing Face

The Poo-ing Face

This is the facial expression that Catherine always does when she's poo-ing. It's such a funny expression... (And yes, I'm well aware that when Catherine is older she is probably going to go "Muuuuum... why are you posting photos of me doing that?!?!" ) It's so recognizable that Elizabeth noticed it tonight too... Catherine was in her bassinette half awake and Elizabeth was standing next to it watching her and then she calls out to me, "Mummy! Catherine is doing the poo-ing face... see? Mummy... come see!"... LOL... so very amusing!

It's quite weird to think that Catherine's due date was actually yesterday... but she's already been a part of our lives for 3 weeks! How fast has that gone?! She's already beginning to look quite different... I must take some more photos... was planning to take photos today, but I was still not feeling that great with that slight flu thing I have... plus severely sleep deprived after a rough night, so I spent the day resting...

On a separate note... the World Cup starts tonight... and Phan's planning to watch the Uruguay vs France game at 4:30am... uh huh... madness... so I'm on first shift tonight with Catherine (which is why I'm sitting here blogging) and Phan will be taking over when he is awake watching the game...

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