Thursday, April 1

A Happy & Blessed Easter To You All

Happy Blessed Easter

A Happy and Blessed Easter to you all... please stay safe over the long weekend! Well, it's all fun and games here in our household at the moment. The egg shaped easter basket in the photo above was a creation from kindy, which was done over two weeks... Beth loooooved making this basket... Last week she was telling me how she stuck pieces of paper over a balloon to make the basket and then this week how she painted it and put glitter on the handle and filled it up with coloured streamers. The lovely kindy teacher even hid some little chocolate eggs in the basket while they weren't looking so when we got home we found a lovely surprise... :) We've actually had a little hiccup with Beth not wanting to go to kindy the last 2 times... something happened on Thursday last week which upset her (can't exactly figure out what, but I think it's something to do with bumping her arm and hurting it and a yellow saucepan in the sandpit... someone not sharing it with her perhaps?), so last Friday, she was a bit hesitant about going to kindy, but was happy once we got there 'cos she got to do some painting. Then today we had a lot of tears about not wanting to go to kindy... she said she felt sad about going to kindy and that she didn't want to go... didn't explain why... I felt bad about making her go, but I talked it up and told her she would probably get to do some painting and drawing today and that she would have fun with all her friends... It took a lot of convincing, but we managed to get out of the house to kindy and once we got there, she had such a sad face on ... no tears, but you could tell she was holding back the tears and trying to be brave... Her teacher felt so bad seeing her upset and did a great job of distracting her with the thought of painting her easter basket... I still felt terrible leaving her, but I hoped she would have a good time once she got busy... When I went to pick her up, she was all happy and very excited to show me her painted easter basket and an easter egg picture she had decorated and telling me about a game they played called "Bunny, bunny, where's your egg?"... She had a really good day in the end and her teacher said she had settled in really quickly and been fine all day, so I was relieved about that... When we talked about her day over dinner she said she was feeling happy about kindy, so I'm hoping that feeling carries onto next week!

So here's Beth having some fun with her basket when we got home from kindy today... Taken with the new 85mm f/1.8... fun... but being in my less than mobile state with my ever going belly, it's taking a bit of work on my behalf to use... I'd forgotten what it's like to use a prime after using my zoom so much!


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