Wednesday, April 7

More of the Baby Bump...

30 weeks & 6 days

Oh... and I just thought I'd mention, most of the photos on my blog from the last 6 months have kind of disappeared... I've had to make my flickr stream (which is where I host my photos) accessible to friends & family only because I had a random girl want to use photos of Beth on her orkut page (I've read about it happening before... I think it's a popular teenage thing to do in South America where they create fake profiles on orkut (which is similar to facebook), but using other people's cute kids photos and try and outdo each other in the cuteness stakes... it's really quite bizarre! I know of a lot of talented children's photographers who had it happen to them, but I never thought it'd happen to me!), So all the links to the photos have changed and thus, are broken on the blog... I will try and fix them (I've done the photos from the last week or so), but it may take some time... My blog will stay public for now, but if I get anymore weirdos I may have to make my blog private... we'll see how we go...

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mynest said...

you have a nice blog
Im happy to see it
I know you can not read my blog, but I can read you