Wednesday, April 7

The Beauty Of Motherhood

The Beauty Of Motherhood

Well... I'm almost 31 weeks now... We're now counting down to the arrival of the baby in single digit weeks... *where has the time gone*?

Took some photos of Elizabeth, the baby and me this morning... I feel like it's such a special time right now and I'm just trying to capture some of our special times, breathe it all in and enjoy the feeling of spoiling and concentrating all my energies on my girl while she's still an only child and all the while, I'm growing this new life inside me and wondering what kind of little person we are going to be adding to our family.

I love this photo ... it just encompasses everything I'm feeling right now... (And do you know what we were talking about while I was taking this photo? I was bribing her with the promise of a little chocolate easter egg if she would let me take some photos... :)... Like I said.. I'm enjoying spoiling my girl a little... *laugh*)

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