Monday, April 5



We have recently discovered Movenpick icecream... Oh.My.Goodness... it's icecream to die for... It's a little on the pricey side (probably not anymore than any other decent icecream chain like Cophenhagen or Andersens), but worth every cent... Swiss icecream of amazing quality! There is a little shop run by a most cheerful, friendly asian guy in Southbank which we've now frequented twice... I can see us making a few more trips there in future... :) So far I've tried hazelnut (mmmm), vanilla (made with real Madagascar vanilla bean flecks through it), Swiss Chocolate (this is *THE BEST* chocolate icecream I've ever tasted, it's amazing, it's chocolate icecream with chocolate flakes through it!) and Maple Walnut (their best seller, and I can see why!)... yum yum yum yum! Beth (who has a habit wanting icecream, but then usually ends up staring at it and letting it melt), has actually devoured the vanilla and chocolate icecream here.. so it must be good!

We've had another fun family day together today... Spent a good few hours at Southbank... Beth got to play at Streets beach for a good 40 minutes or so (our child is so water mad!)... She would have loved to stay longer, but the water was a tad chilly... Then we had lunch at a lovely little Italian place "La Vie" before having our amazing icecream for dessert... Then Beth ran through the grasslands and played on a playground for a bit more before we headed home... A great day out for all of us... I might be back later to post some shots of Beth frolicking at the beach... but for now just a few more shots of the girl enjoying her swiss chocolate icecream today...


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