Sunday, March 28

We've been creative, artistic and crafty...

Okay... quiet for the last week on the blog because I've had some crafting projects on the go...

First up - here's Elizabeth, looking pretty pleased with herself after painting some things for an easter craft activity I was doing with her... I don't know why she loves putting paint on her face!

Unleash Your Creativity

And here's the end result of the craft activity I was doing with her... It was supposed to be easter themed... but I guess the only easter-ish thing about this, is the fact these little critters are egg shaped! Beth looves the little alien/monsters she created... so much she wanted to take them to mass with us this morning, but I managed to convince her to leave them at home and take a soft toy cow with us instead!

Easter Craft - Our Egg Shaped Alien/Monsters

I thought I'd also just mention, since I just said we went to mass this morning, that Beth had a great time at mass this morning... It's Palm Sunday, so there was the blessing of the palms and we all got a palm cross which Beth loved holding and looking at... it was also "Family Mass Day", which is great because instead of having a sermon, there is an informal children's based discussion where all the children come and sit up near the front of the church while one of the children's liturgists talks to them and gets them to interact and talk about the gospel. Today's gospel being the Passion was an important discussion and it was cleverly organised so that there were 12 plastic eggs with different objects in there and different kids got a chance to open the eggs and see what was inside and link the objects to the story of the Passion... eg, a crown of thorns, dice (for when they cast lots for Jesus' clothes), a cross, nails etc etc... it was really great to see all the children getting into it. Today was the first time that Beth went up and sat with all the other children to listen to the discussion (she normally just sits with me and Phan)... so it was so lovely to see her becoming more independent and confident to join in and sit with the other children.

Okay... so to fit in with the craft stuff we've been doing, I decided it was time for me photograph some more of Beth's artwork and cull some of it (it's getting ridiculous!) So here's a (very small) selection of some painting she's done in the last 6 months -

Art Masterpieces - Part 2

I actually photographed 130+ pieces of her artwork (and chucked out about 500 pieces of paper I reckon!)... so I'll be pulling adding more to this Masterpieces series soon...

And lastly, the crafty thing I've been working on this week has been this -

The Applique Noticeboard

It's a fabric noticeboard... It was inspired by something I saw in a shop (that cost $90!) and I thought I would have a go at making one myself... basically it's one of those art canvases wrapped in a piece of calico and I've appliqued/sewn on the house and garden scene using bits of leftover fabric, wool, felt and ribbon. The ribbon at the top has miniature pegs attached to it so Beth can hang little notes or pieces of paper/art from it... I've hung it up in her room and Beth just loves having it there... she thinks it's very pretty... :)

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