Monday, January 5

A Very Active Day...

This mummy is really tired tonight...

Today we:

- went to the park on the trike in the morning and spent 45 minutes at the park.
- did a load of laundry (and Beth "helped" to hang it out... she has some old fashioned pegs which she puts on the clotheshorse (but she just pegs it straight on without any clothes...)... she feels like she's helping and it's so cute watching her...
- read a heap of books and then played under a big sheet, pretending to be sausages, ghosts and a new years lion (from the chinese lion dance) for ages...
- went to the pool in the afternoon and spent 1.5 hours in the water. Beth spent the first half an hour doing the "Santa" face, which is her shy, not-wanting-to-look at anyone face... but after that she got over the fact that there were other people around and was happy to swim and splash.
- did a spot of grocery shopping for some things for dinner
- put a butterflied leg of lamb on the bbq for dinner... it was easy and delicious!
- did another load of laundry (had to put our bathers in the wash and threw in some sheets while we were at it)
- went for a bike ride when Phan got home... we went to Beth's favourite new park with a curly slide...

And that's it... and now I'm ready to go to bed... although I am tempted to play another round of World Tour with Phan on Rock Band. For the uninitiated, Rock Band is a console game with a drum kit, guitar and microphone... you play/sing songs in time to some coloured flashing lights that appear on the screen... We first played it when we went back home to Adelaide in September (spent a good part of my birthday party playing it)... and Phan and I really enjoyed playing the drums... Phan bought it on Friday night for our Xbox 360 and now we're a bit addicted... We played 1.5 hours on Saturday night and I woke up with sore thumbs from playing the guitar (RSI... Don't ask, I have weird technique! I am so soft, it's pathetic!) and then last night we played for another hour, but I only played the drums to give my thumbs a rest... (hehe, plus, I really like playing the drums and I think I'm better than Phan... :p)

Just so this post isn't naked, I'll leave you with this photo of Beth from January last year... she looks like such a baby in this shot -

Blast From The Past

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Anonymous said...

Oh I love what she is wearing in this shot, she looks so different. From the sounds of things Ty's going to have an awesome time in Brissie he loves Rock Band, maybe he can give Phan some drum lessons hee hee.