Tuesday, January 27

Funny Little Antics...

A couple of funny little things that Beth has done -

When I tell Beth off, I often point my finger at her and tell not to do whatever it is she's doing... And now she thinks it's some kind of game, so if I start pointing at her, she starts pointing right back at me and waving and waggling her finger at me like she's telling me off. Honestly, it makes me want to crack up laughing when she starts doing it because it's soooo funny seeing her doing her "monkey see, monkey do" thing, but for the sake of disciplining her I have to keep a straight face and be serious... nobody ever told me there was a lot of acting involved when parenting!

Today Sharon, Em & Isaac came around in the afternoon for a playdate... Em and Beth played so well together... there was no fighting, there was amicable sharing... the only thing Beth got slightly annoyed about was when Em got a little overly friendly and started hugging Beth too much... it was so cute though seeing them snuggle up and cuddle on the couch. Anyway, I was playing tea parties with the two of them and Em was talking to me and say "Clara, here's your cup of tea" or "Clara, I've got you a piece of cake"... and then next thing you know, Beth looked at me and started calling me "Clara" and I was like "Hey! That's Mummy to you missy!" Only one person can call me Mummy and I don't want to miss out on that!

Okay, another trip down memory lane - this is a photo of Beth striking a pose from 2/12/2007... that's over a year ago... it's a bit of a dodgy photo, 'cos I didn't have my speedlite back then, so it's taken with onboard flash... but it's such a funny little photo of her... look at her little baby face!

Strike A Pose

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