Saturday, January 24

The Funny Things She Says...

Beth makes us laugh a lot these days with the funny/random things she says... It's kinda hard to remember when she wasn't chattering away to us... but really, she's only been having a word explosion for 2 months and is learning new words every day. Just a quick little list of some of the things she says -

- She can count to 13... strange number to count to huh? She also always seems to forget the number 7... but she can say '7' and does recognise it... In fact she can recognise all her numbers up to the number 11... (yes, again... really odd)... We will often be at the supermarket and I'll suddenly hear her exclaim "EIGHT!" (or some other number) because we're in aisle 8 and she's spotted the number 8 in the aisle sign.

- She tries to sing and says "Here A Boat" and "Here Me" when she tries to sing the song that goes "Here is the sea... The wavey sea... Here is a boat... And here is me".

- When she wants more of something she tries to say "More Please"... but for some weird reason it comes out sounding like "Bullsh*t"... so very wrong, but quite funny in the context that she uses it. She often says it when she wants more food and although she's trying to be polite, it sounds like she's annoyed and impatient 'cos you're not giving her the food fast enough. Again, this is really odd because she can say "More" and "Please" separately, but put them together and it sounds so very very wrong.

- If something is on TV that she doesn't like she comes running to me and says "Scared... scared".

- If we're at the shops and someone is looking at her and she doesn't like it (often another little child), she will hold me and say "Shy... Shy"... too cute really.

- She recognises lots of colours... red, blue, orange, yellow, pink, purple, green, brown, white, black... and she's very proud of this bit of knowledge, so we often get to hear about the colours of whatever she's playing with.

- She says "Ready... Set... Gooooo" in the cutest way... often when playing chasey or when she's about to go down a slippery dip.

So many other things she says, but I can't think of them... just thought I'd better jot down what I remember now before she really starts babbling and I can't keep up!

On a different note, the last month or so, we've had some bedtime drama with Beth not wanting to fall asleep by herself (completely understandble, there's been a few things that have happened that excabated this)... I've had to lie down on a mattress on the floor next to her cot whilst she falls asleep (and she bobs her head up to check on me to make sure I'm still there)... which was okay, except for the days it took her an hour to fall asleep. The last few days, I've talked to her about falling asleep by herself and after a bit of anxiousness the first night, we're at a happy point now where I leave the door open as she falls asleep and come back to check on her at the doorway every 15 minutes or so... she's seen me come back to look in on her, so I think we've hit a big moment of trust that I'm always going to come back to check on her. Big progress for us... and I'm relieved that we managed to do this change over without too many hassles. Tonight it's taken her more than an hour to fall asleep, but the few times I'm looked in on her she's just been quietly sitting/standing in her cot and just waiting for me to check on her... no crying or anything. She's just so sweet when she's half doozy... lots of big kisses and praises from me to her for being such a good "big" girl. :)

I'll leave you here with this photo from a couple of months back...

The Scent Of A Flower

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