Wednesday, January 7

A Typical Morning At The Park...

We went to the park this morning (yes, the normal routine)... it does sometimes get a bit boring doing the mummy thing and just watching and supervising a toddler play on the playground over and over again... so this morning, I decided mix it up and bring my camera with me and have a play...

A Morning At The Park
When we got there, there were some other children playing on the equipment, but Beth didn't freak out (as she has often done recently)... in fact she was quite happy to share the playground with them... I didn't take many photos while I was supervising her... but later on when she was having a bit of a run around away from the playground equipment I managed to get some lovely shots... here is one of my faves... She's wearing a new top I bought for her Cotton On Kids... $25 reduced to $10... gotta love a bargain... it's so cute and it's just thin cotton and nice and cool... perfect for the humid weather here in Brisbane. I also had this epiphanous moment when I "saw the light" ... lighting it probably the most important thing in photography ... and I got a bit excited when I saw it in a completely different way today... it was sunny, but there were clouds out and the sun hid behind it a few times and gave a beautiful diffused light through the sparse trees... I previously thought this park was a terrible location for taking photos, but I've completely changed my mind after today!

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Anonymous said...

I'm loving this new idea of photos with every post it's great! What a great buy the colours on the top are awesome, she looks gorgeous as always!