Saturday, June 14

Oh the drama of making jelly...

Yesterday morning, I decided it would be fun to make some jelly with Beth. After all, it's not all that hard... pour jelly crystals into a jug, pour some hot water in, stir, pour some cold water in, stir some more. This part went well... Beth helped to pour the jelly crystals in and was very good at stirring the jelly and water without spilling too much. However, when I poured the jelly into some plastic jelly moulds, Beth really wanted to *drink* the jelly mixture out of the containers... Lucky the moulds had plastic lids, so I snapped them all on quickly and then Beth literally had a *meltdown* because she couldn't drink the mixture and then went into hysterics when I put them in the fridge. She just didn't want to wait. That's the last time we're making jelly together... *ever*!

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