Monday, June 16

Fun with Playdough

I've had a bit of a photo drought on my blog for the last few weeks... partly because the weather has not been that inducive to going outdoors and taking photos, partly because I've been busy a bit busy with Em and Mike visiting and then last week meeting our new friends Bic and Sebastian who live (literally) a 2 minute walk away, partly because my new CT role has kind taken my focus away at the beginning of the month while I learnt the ropes about what I had to do... I have been taking the odd photo here are there ... just nothing spectacular. I tried to rectify this lack of focus on my photography today and made an effort to take some good photos... I took this shot this afternoon... little B and I were "cooking" with playdough and I'm happy with the composition and I just love the colours in this shot. Excuse the weird coloured playdough... I was trying to make purple playdough... but instead it ended up this weird pale, sickly grey-ish/mauve colour which isn't that attractive, but doesn't affect how much fun you can have with it!

I also tried to do a bit of photo shoot at the park again (it's been about a month since I did the last one)... didn't get that many good shots (I was trying to get some sunflare, but didn't have a lot of luck, I either overdid it or didn't get it at all)... but we both had a great time running around and were exhausted at the end of it. Beth went to bed early tonight, and I'm contemplating doing the same...

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Anonymous said...

Aw I love this photo, look at the intense concentration and that gorgeous pout "chu mo". Glad to see more photos I've been missing them :) .