Friday, November 19

Lots of Random Photos...

Okay... I have a tonne of photos that I've been wanting to share and seriously, if I don't do it now I'm never going to do it... So I've forgone any fancy post-processing just so I can post these photos up...

These are all pretty much random and not in any particular order -

1. We started Catherine on solids last Sunday... whilst she's not against the concept of solids, she isn't entirely convinced about it either... a bit of a contrast to Elizabeth who was gung-ho from the very first mouthful and just couldn't get enough... Still, we're making progress... so far she's had plain farex and some pear with farex (which she like a lot more than the plain farex)... but she does seem to think the bowl is better eating than the actual food...


2. We've also discovered she loves drinking cold water from a glass... I was drinking some water the other day and she was reaching out to my glass, so held the glass to her lips and she just went for it... it was hilariously cute... and she got pretty annoyed and whingy when I took the glass away! Unfortunately no pics of this since I was holding her and the glass at the time, but instead I'll share this shot of Catherine munching on a rusk one evening while we were sitting outside having dinner...


3. I still find it fascinating that there is so much rainfall here in the warmer months in Brisbane... here's the girl having some fun one day a few weeks ago when it was just bucketing down with rain ... I laugh at her choice of clothes (all her idea)... she looks like such a bag lady -


4. Elizabeth went through a phase about a month ago of watching this 2 minute short cartoon called "Trotjo" which is about a little donkey that does funny things and gets up to mischief often... she was obsessed with an episode where he went through his mummy's makeup and put white powder on his face and lipstick and turned himself into a clown... so one morning, I turned around to find Elizabeth with white toothpaste all over her face! When I asked her what she was doing she said she was trying to be a clown... too right... she is a clown!


5. I just think the frown on Catherine's face in this shot is funny...


6. And I'll finish with a bunch of photos that I took while Ong Ba where here for Catherine's christening -







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