Wednesday, November 17

And Finally There Were Birthday Cupcakes!

4 Years Old

And after all the fun of the day, we came home and chilled out and finished the day with cupcakes! Elizabeth had helped me make them in the morning using the recipe from the famous Magnolia Bakery (recipe can be found here - it's a great recipe for a light not-too dense chocolate cake) and I just topped them with some whipped chocolate ganache (the same kind I used to fill Catherine's christening cake)... (for all you budding Masterchefs out there... I discovered piping ganache with warm/hot hands is not a great idea!!!)

And a close up of what the cakes really looked like (excuse the dodgy piping of the icing) -

Birthday Cupcakes

I made the cute little cupcake toppers myself using various elements which can be found in the kits created by Donna Duncombe Designs ... I just printed them out onto thick paper and cut them out and then glued to toothpicks... I'm really happy with how they turned out... cute and cheerful!

And that is finally the end of the mammoth birthday posts! I hope you've enjoyed reading about it as much as I enjoyed partaking in it!

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