Tuesday, November 16

Happy 4th Birthday To My Big Girl Elizabeth!

Well, this year Elizabeth really got into the full spirit of her birthday... she was so excited about... excited about the presents... excited about the cake... just *excited* in general!

This morning she woke up at 6am... She pottered into Catherine's room where I normally snooze on a mattress on the floor in the mornings after giving Catherine her early morning feed... On an ordinary day, she's really good and she snuggles up with me under the blanket and she really quiet and whispers when she talks to me so as to not wake Catherine...
But this morning, she came in and I whispered "Happy Birthday" to her and she couldn't contain her excitement and started telling me at a normal talking voice... "Mum... I saw some presents and there's something that's really big!"... IT was so cute... so I shoo-ed her out of Catherine's room and we went to wake up Phan so she could open her presents...


I had hidden the dollshouse under a big sheet because it was way too difficult to contemplate wrapping in paper (We had assembled it the night before, and it only took 1/2 an hour!)... so she pulled off the sheet to reveal the house and then she unwrapped all the boxes which contained furniture for the house.... (the dollhouse was from me and Phan and everybody in the family chipped in to get all the furniture to go in the dollhouse... thanks everybody!)


The dollshouse was a huge hit... she absolutely adored it! She spent all morning playing with it and when I asked her if she wanted to have breakfast at around 7:30am she said "No thanks... I want to play lots and lots and lots!"... LOL... Oh, should also make mention that I got some "ethnic" looking dolls to go with her dollhouse... and they actually are a reasonably good representation of our family (just really tanned!).. there's Mummy, Daddy, Elizabeth and a baby Catherine... and 2 elderly looking members who we think look like Ong and Ba... :)

It is so cute seeing her play with the dollshouse and hearing her talk to her little people and make then do things -







It's also hilarious seeing the unconventional things she does with the people and the furniture -

Here's Ong feeding baby Catherine in the shower -


And here's the wardrobe being converted into a car -


Last of all a pic of the big girl posing with her "enormous dollhouse" (her words... she thinks it's enormous...)


I have loved seeing how "into" her birthday she is this year... and have felt quite nostalgic about how grown up she is now... *sigh*... Just makes me feel so lucky to have such a wonderful daughter like her!

I'm knackered now after our exciting day so I'll put up more pics tomorrow of our birthday lunch and the birthday cake... :)

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