Tuesday, July 13


Peaceful Slumber I

Peaceful Slumber II

It's rather ironic that I keep taking these photos of our peaceful girl sleeping, when in actual fact, she is not a great sleeper. Well, she sleeps okay if someone is holding her or if she is sleeping next to somebody... but put her down by herself and she gets lonely and needs to know somebody is nearby... In the off chance we do manage to put her down to sleep by herself, she at most manages about 40 minutes... (although the other night I got a freakish 1 hour occurence, but that was a one off) She usually only about 15 minutes... It's lucky she's so beautiful that I can handle it for the time being...

She's starting to stretch out the feeds a little from the 3 hourly feeds she was doing and going 3.5-4 hourly... The other night she went 6 hours between feeds... although 2 hours of that she spent awake, unsettled, full of wind and grumpy (and it felt like it was a looong 2 hours!), but once she finally got off to sleep she slept for 4 hours lying next to me, which I thought was pretty good!

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