Tuesday, July 13

How fast two weeks flies past...

Ong Ba and Ba Co's Visit

Well, tomorrow Ba and Ba Co head home to Adelaide... I can't believe how fast 2 weeks has gone past... I am going to miss them *heaps*!!! They've done everything from cooking dinners, doing the laundry and of course playing and entertaining the girls... I'm really going to miss the sleep-ins I've been getting in the morning... Phan's mum has been looking after Catherine in the mornings and giving Elizabeth breakfast (which happens just after Phan leaves for work) so I've been getting an extra hour or so lie in until 8-8:30am and that has really made a world of difference with feeling not so sleep-deprived! They have been so wonderful to have around and have been so helpful and have really given me a good break... I am truly lucky to have such great family! Back to reality... well semi-reality... Phi Phi is coming up on Thursday, so Elizabeth will have a ball with him around... and while he won't be helping out in the same way as Ba and Ba Co, having him here will still be a great help... just to play with Elizabeth and amuse her nad to have that extra pair of hands... (Phi - you've been warned - get ready for some full-on playing with Elizabeth! And she's getting a bit bossy these days, so you'll be doing exactly what she says.. :p)

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