Friday, December 10

Peasant-Style Dresses With Flutter Sleeves

Baby Peasant Dress With Flutter Sleeves 4 Year Old Peasant Dress with Flutter Sleeves

I'm trying to improve my sewing skills and teaching myself to sew dresses for the girls... I bought this easy pdf pattern from etsy... it's so easy, even a beginner like me can do it... only takes about 1.5 - 2 hours (probably even less now that I've pieced the pattern together and know how it all works)... The sleeves on the Catherine's dress look a bit big and puffy and "batwing-ish" in the photo, but it's doesn't look that bad in real life.. just hard to get a good photo with her lying on the beanbag! Elizabeth's dress/nightie I quickly made up using some fabric I've had sitting in my fabric box for about 5 years! Glad it's finally found a use... and it was good to use it as a test run to check the sizing was right for Elizabeth... I think it's a perfect fit... Elizabeth likes it... she says it's her "camping dress" (what the?) and that's it's so nice and soft... :) Looking forward to making some more up for them...

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Leesa said...

They look lovely - I really like the fabric you have used. Could you send me a link to the pattern - hmmmm do I really need another pattern ;)