Thursday, December 2

I Have A 6 Month Old Baby...

Well, the big girl has been getting all the attention lately, so I thought I better do an update on the little one!

Catherine is now 6 months (well it happened 11 days ago, but I've just been so busy I haven't had a chance to blog about it!)

At the moment she:

- Hates loud noises... especially the KitchenAid mixer (which was in frequent use in the lead up to the party!) and the lawnmower and line trimmer... totally freaks out and gets scared and needs somebody to hold her when she hears these noises.

- Loves mashed pumpkin & apple... pear is ok... not so fond of the farex...

- Loves drinking prune juice (Catherine has constipation issues... she is like her sister in this respect, but I wish she wasn't!)

- Loves it when Elizabeth dances and sings for her (she laughs far more at the weird random things her sister does than she does at me or Phan!)

- Tries to touch and eat everything... I had a bowl of cereal (sans milk) the other day and she grabbed a handful of it as I was holding it!

- Likes pulling on Mummy and Elizabeth's hair...

- Still adores bathtime... it's her guaranteed relaxing happy time of the day.

- Loves having the wind in her face... whether sitting outside with the wind blowing on her or if I'm inside folding laundry, I will wave articles of whatever clothing i happen to be folding (eg teatowels are good) over the top of her and she goes all super happy about having the cool air blow over her face... it's hilarious to see how much she loves it.... she's just like one of those puppy dogs that hangs their head out the window the minute they get in the car... LOL...

- At 6 months and 5 days, she weighed in at a lovely healthy 7.2kg.

- Had her 6 month needles on Tuesday... loved having the oral rotavirus vaccine (apparently it tastes sweet) and wanted more and got upset when she wasn't getting any more. Wasn't happy about the needles either, but a big cuddle and she was fine.

Elizabeth also had 4 year old shot done too... being the weird kid she is, she was actually looking forward to her "cajections" and was as cool as a cucumber during the whole process... didn't even flinch or complain about it hurting! I attribute her attitude to the fact we play doctors a lot and we give each other injections and we always say "this will only hurt for just a second." and then "You're such a brave girl."... so it was no big deal for her at all. She actually made more a hoo-haa about me taking the tape off her arm that was holding the cotton wool over the injection site... I only got it off one arm and she wouldn't let me near the other arm! Go figure... I can't work her out!

- As of Monday this week, she have been going through what I think is the 6 month growth spurt... She's trying to stay awake for longer periods of time (up to 3 hours at a time) and just finding it hard to settle herself down to her naps and sleep at night... We've had a few tiring nights this week... (one night where she was waking up every 20 minutes for a couple of hours from about 330am). I'm just thankful that she decided to go through this grown spurt after Elizabeth's birthday party... I would have not have coped well if she had done this last week!

And just a shot of her hanging out with Daddy... (She also loves her Daddy a lot more than Elizabeth did at the same age!)

Daddy's Girl

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