Friday, December 3

Creative Things I've Made -

As if the last couple of months hasn't been busy enough with me planning christenings and birthday parties, I have somehow managed to fit in the following things...

Santa Sacks

1. Santa Sacks for the girls - I thought it would be nice to have matching Santa Sacks for both of them this year... I tried to give them a personal touch by having their initial on them... (Notice it's only the initial... I totally copped out at the idea of doing their whole names... their names are too long!)... I'm pretty proud of my effort for these... They are made from red cotton drill and lined with green poplin on the inside and the fabric at the top that trims it and acts as a casing for the drawstrings is some christmas star quilting fabric. Their initials are just cut from green felt (it's not as dark in real life as it is in the photo) and machine stitched on.

Kindy Sheets

2. Kindy Sheets - They have special little beds for nap time at the C&K kindy that Elizabeth is going to next year, so I could either opt to pay for a set or make our own... I decided to go down the make-our-own option and made it into a fun activity by letting Elizabeth pick her own fabric... and let me tell you, she likes bright colours and has expensive tastes in fabric... I was trying to guide her towards the fabric that was in the $5 per/m price range but she insisted on this one which was $10 per/m... oh well, at least she loves her new sheets and they will last her all year... I hope by involving her in the process she will be excited about using the new sheets next year at her new kindy.

Chocolate Boxes

3. Thank You Christmas Chocolates - I made these for the teachers and all the carers at Elizabeth's kindy daycare... I thought they would give a nice personal touch to what would otherwise be rather boring chocolates... the template for this triangular cardboard tube is from Kelleigh Ratzlaff, which I bought from here and the digital elements are from NinaScraps - ho.ho.ho and joy and happiness. I just printed them up on a A4 piece of card (I used 180gsm weighted card) and then cut them out and glued them together using a glue stick... (I did use double sided tape for one of the boxes, but I found it a bit too fiddly.) Each tube holds 5 Lindt chocolate balls perfectly. Elizabeth gave them out and all the daycare girls just loved them!

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