Friday, October 7

Things To Smile About...

In what is a seriously depressing real estate market, we are pretty happy that our house sold in just over 2 weeks! (Excuse the photo, it was just snapped with the iphone).
photo (2)-pp

I'm still on the photo-a-day band wagon... just seriously lacking in time to edit them and post them on the blog... but I'll quickly share this snap, which makes me laugh... And yes, I'm fully aware, she's going to hate me for taking this photo when she's older... LOL...


And lastly... It also seems that I won that fun contest for the favourite photo for September over at Click It Up A Notch... Thanks to everyone to voted for me! :) Here's the photo again... :)

September 13 - Down By The Pier

Click It Up A Notch

Happy days... and now I have to go do some more packing!

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Regni said...

Congratulations on winning! And also on seling your house, that must be a huge relief as your move is pending.

I also take photos my girls probably won't love but probably will giggle about when they get older. My oldest loves the photos I take of her where she's showing a bit of attitude. She wants to look at them over and over again.

Hope you're enjoying your week and you new business!